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We have serviced the I.T industry for over 15 years, building customized computers, ranging from High End gamers computers, Servers, Graphics Artists computers, Photographers computers etc. We have worked with Gov departments working on their networks as well as client support, shopping centres and their systems that operate their businesses in multiple locations. We can provide you the Highest performance computers that money can buy. And having specialized in computer hardware for 15 years, the systems we build more than often out last their expected longevity.

In the I.T industry standards, computers are expected to only last one to two years before their performance is no longer a viable option as a workstation and the client is expected to purchase upgrades or new computers again and again.

Our recommendations to clients is to provide high end computers, and then allow technology to catch up until the performance of the computer is then industry standard, which is generally 3 to 5 years, then upgrade to a highest performance machine and allow technology to catch up again, while the older computer is then downgraded to a lower duty, where it can still be of benefit to the business, such as data storage, firewalls, etc.

We know that reliability is paramount in your computer system, that’s why when we build high end computers, we use the highest quality components available. Using high end performance components such as PCI-e SSD with data transfers up to 1800MB/sec + and systems capable of holding up to 64GB of RAM. Your workflow process can be less of a chore and less time waiting for the post production of your photo files and movie editing to complete..

We are also aware that our clients require the ability of having their valuable photographs backed up to more than one device, in the event of a harddrive failure. And as such we are able to build / supply storage systems for multiple backups in such an event as having a complete failure.

As a professional landscape and panoramic photographer myself, I understand the requirements of using high quality professional displays with high performance graphics cards with loads of RAM and high performance drives to carry out the Graphic Intensive tasks required for photographic post-processing of stills and post-production of video files.

Horizon IT Wildlife Horizons Photography by Wildlife Horizons

Wildlife ~ Horizons Photography


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